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Grandmaster Judy Rankin, 8th Dan

Uchuno Shorin-ryu


Freedom Worldwide


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Supreme Grandmaster Bill Rankin

Grandmaster Judy Rankin


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The USMAA Hall of Fame for 2015 is in full swing. Please complete a nomination ballot for the individuals that are worthy of receiving an award. Great seminars, entertainment and a wonderful dinner rounding the evening with the awards presentation. make your reservations today.

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The first Newsletter is now on the website. Please go to the menu and select Newsletter then select the date required.



Seminars are available in various topics from martial arts simplicity to difficulty in maneuvering.

  1. Advertisement

  2. Running a studio

  3. Know how to teach

  4. Finance

  5. Tournament Kata Performance - Non Musical and Musical

  6. Tournament Weapons Performance - Non-Musical and Musical

  7. Tactics in Sparring - How to distract the opponent

  8. How to run a tournament

  9. etc.


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