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Grandmaster Judy Rankin, 8th Dan

Uchuno Shorin-Ryu

2-5-50 - 7-10-16

Rest in Peace My Darling


Freedom Worldwide


Lifetime Team

Supreme Grandmaster Bill Rankin

Grandmaster Judy Rankin


What's New


The USMAA Hall of Fame for 2018 will be held July 14, 2018. Nominations are being accepted.

Current News

The USMAA Hall of Fame for 2018 schedule for Saturday July 14th, 2018

Recent Events

Hall of Fame coming up, need information? Contact the USMAA Office

The Association


United States Martial Artist Association


             The headquarters of the United States Martial Artist Association is located in Frederick, Maryland. The Director of the Association is Supreme Grand Master William A. Rankin, 10th Degree Black Belt. The U.S.M.A.A. has jurisdiction throughout the United States. For more information, one should refer to the Constitution of the United States Martial Artist Association. The Association also publishes an Official Tournament Rules handbook, which serves as reference for tournament promoters, officials and instructors throughout the nation in order to regulate martial arts tournament competition.


Purpose and Objectives

1. To create a democratic approach in unification of all Martial Art Systems.

2. To stimulate interest in the art of Martial Arts among all practitioners and the general public, as an art and a sport.

3. To foster and maintain competition and tournaments among the U.S.M.A.A. members on a high level of true amateurism, sportsmanship, and friendly relations and to provide rules and procedures governing such tournaments and competition.

4. To unify and coordinate Martial Art activities by combined efforts under one organization representing all groups within the United States of America.

5. To incorporate and promulgate the historical techniques and forms of Okinawa, Japan, China, Korea and other forms of Martial Arts.

6. To establish and maintain a working relationship with affiliated schools and other martial arts organizations.

7. To endeavor to improve the physical and mental competence of its adherents by supporting and sponsoring open competition among all practitioners of the martial arts.

8. To cooperate and consult with national and international organizations in an effort to establish the Martial Arts as an intercollegiate and Olympic Sport.

9. To establish an affiliation between organized U.S.M.A.A. schools and collegiate institutions.

10. To establish Martial Arts in physical education programs and curricula.

11. To impress those who follow the Martial Arts way to forget personal glory and animosity by cooperating and coordinating all systems of Martial Arts into one National Organization.


Functions of the U.S.M.A.A.


1. To sponsor, annually, the U.S.M.A.A. Grand National Open Karate Tournament under the auspices of the U.S.M.A.A. and the supervision of Supreme Grand Master William A. Rankin. The tournament will be held in areas chosen on the basis of convenience to the major population centers. The tournament will be announced nationally.

2. To conduct periodic clinics for the purpose of disseminating martial arts knowledge. Invitations will be extended to various Martial Arts Leaders recognizing them as authorities in their fields, with a sincere desire to understand their art. All participants will meet in a spirit of friendship, contributing to the general fund of Martial Artists knowledge, which is now in the process of becoming American Martial Arts, through the guidance of the U.S.M.A.A.

3. To publish an official memorandum reporting the activities of the U.S.M.A.A. as well as Martial Arts news of general interest. The memorandum or magazine shall be mailed to all Black Belts and affiliated schools head within the organization.

4. To encourage the U.S.M.A.A. officials and members to contribute information, news, biographical sketches, editorials, etc., of the U.S.M.A.A. officers and members to leading Martial Arts magazines and other news media for the purpose of bringing the Martial Arts and the U.S.M.A.A. to the public eye.

5. To launch a vigorous program, within the U.S.M.A.A., designed to encourage friendship on a personal basis between officials. Through the exchange of letters, visits, and resulting bonds of esteem and respect, with devotion to the U.S.M.A.A. ideals, this will lead to a continuing surge of organizational strength, cooperation and expansion.

6. To announce plans, on a national basis, for the circulation of national and international Martial Arts experts among the U.S.M.A.A. schools.

7. To continue to build and protect the image of Supreme Grand Master William A. Rankin and the U.S.M.A.A. through effective news media, articles, letters, etc.

8. To standardize rank promotions, teaching, and judging methods based on the selection of a research panel appointed by Supreme Grand Master William A. Rankin. This is necessary since the U.S.M.A.A. will judge by the excellence of its instructional methods and techniques.

9. To request all U.S.M.A.A. schools to honor memberships taken out at other U.S.M.A.A. schools, as well assuring that the student will feel at home in any U.S.M.A.A. school.

10. To seek and comfort those dedicated individuals who have been wronged by politically motivated Martial Arts organizations, with an invitation to join the U.S.M.A.A. in the spirit of friendship, understanding and cooperation.

11. To establish a public relations program designed to promote understanding among Martial Artists that the U.S.M.A.A. is a national service organization, devoted to the best interests of its members and Martial Arts.

12. The establishment of the U.S.M.A.A. Hall of Fame Awards program.

Benefits of U.S.M.A.A. Membership


1. A central filing of all ranks and styles

2. Reviewing and granting ranks

3. Recognition of your rank and authentic ranks of foreign countries.

4. Individual member rank and identification card.

5. Association Patch

6. Member instructor identification card.

7. Certified teaching certificate.

8. Annual Hall of Fame and Awards Convention and Banquet.

9. A mandatory sanction of all U.S.M.A.A. tournaments with a mandatory set of tournament rules and procedures.

10. Local, state, regional and yearly national tournaments.

11. A tournament attendance circuit of non-U.S.M.A.A. tournaments for members to attend.

12. Selection and classification of National Champions.

13. Standard uniform methods of judging and refereeing tournaments.

14. A Quarterly newsletter/publication.

15. Periodic Martial Arts clinics upon request.

16. Standard promotional procedures.

17. Unification of all Martial Arts Styles.

18. Discounts of Martial Arts equipment.

19. Discounts on tournament/seminar entrance fees.


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The International Hall of Fame Awards and Banquet will beheld July 23, 2016 in Frederick, Maryland
Reservations will expire as of March 31, 2016

Reservations Form