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USMAA U.S. State Directors
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Strength and Inspiration

Grandmaster Judy Rankin, 8th Dan

Uchuno Shorin-ryu


Freedom Worldwide


Lifetime Team

Supreme Grandmaster Bill Rankin

Grandmaster Judy Rankin


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The USMAA Hall of Fame for 2016 is in full swing. Nomination ballot for that special martial artist will expire March 1, 2016. Reservations to the USMAA Hall of Fame event will expire as of March 31, 2016. Verbal reservations is not a confirmation. Reservations must be accompanied by full payment.

Recent Events


Going to Tulsa, OK for the Spring Karate Challenge, Providence, RI for the Gathering of Styles how about the USMAA Hall of Fame in Frederick, Maryland? Three great events. don't miss any of them

Association Founder and Co-Directors

Supreme Grandmaster William A. Rankin, 10th Degree Uchuno Shorin-ryu Karate & Kobudo
Grandmaster Judith B. Rankin, 8th Degree Uchuno Shorin ryu Karate & Kobudo


USMAA Alabama State Director


9Professor Kevin Horton, 9th Degree Black Belt - Sikaron Karate




USMAA California State Director and Chinese Division Director

Dr. Joseph Bannon, 10th Degree Surgical Strike of Dim Mak and Xian Dai De Wushu



USMAA Colorado State Director

Meb West, 1st Degree Black Belt Member T.R.I.A.D. 


USMAA Florida State Director

State Position now open


USMAA Maryland State Director

Grandmaster Clarence Murray, 8th Degree, Okinawan Shorin ryu


USMAA Massachusetts State Director

Eric Caldeira - Shoju Kempo Ryu Karazenpo Go Shin Jutsu


USMAA Mississippi State Director

Master Daniel Mark Kelley, 6th Degree, Hakuryu Bushido 


USMAA New York State Directors

SGM Jeff Everetts 10th Degree, GM Susan Everetts, 8th Degree


USMAA North Dakota Director

Grandmaster Paul W. Dyer,  Mukan-Da




USMAA Oklahoma State Director

Christopher Lambert, 4th Degree Pokdok Suri Martial Arts



USMAA Oregon State Director 

Master Richard Kluck, 5th Degree Shin Tai Wushu, T.R.I.A.D. 


USMAA Pennsylvania State Director

Grandmaster Timothy Lynch, 9th Degree, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu



USMAA Rhode Island State Director 

Appointment Open


USMAA South Carolina State Director

Grandmaster Dwayne Eaddy, 8th Degree Hiep Tinh Mon Karate


USMAA Texas State Director

Master Matthew Antkowiak, 5th Degree PokDok Suri Martial Arts




USMAA Virginia State Director

Grandmaster John Eddie Thomas, 9th Degree American Freestyle Martial Arts





USMAA West Virginia State Director

Position Available







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